Month: May 2016

Air Conditioning on Solar Power (Rooftop Installation): Is it Cost-efficient?


Solar System For Sale: quite hilarious, right? But before you start laughing out loud, think again. Because I’m pretty sure that long time ago when the Wright brothers said that flying is possible I bet people who heard it also had a good laugh. And then the Wright brothers invented the airplane. Well have you thought about using solar power for your air conditioning system?

So imagine if selling the solar system per se is possible, for sure it will cost billions and Forbes billionaires in the likes of David and Charles Koch, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg would come down running to this store in a heartbeat. With all the advanced technologies that we now have available, I bet it’s just a matter of time until something like this would be feasible.

On the other hand, notice how more and more households are making use of solar panels nowadays as an alternative power source for appliances such as air conditioning.  And this can be attributed to companies mass producing solar panels thereby decreasing its price making it more affordable for homeowners. Giles Parkinson of even forecasted that solar costs will decrease by 40% in 2 years.

Though solar panel system is now significantly affordable, still a lot of homeowners are reluctant to switch because of the misconception that it is expensive, and only the affluent class can afford it.  However, according to one home solar resources website called, going solar may cut your electricity cost as much as 65%. Because even though it involves a pretty high cost to purchase, a traditional solar panel system for an average home in the US, which requires about 20 to 24 kWh of electricity every day, typically only entails a one-time investment ranging from 15,000 to $20,000 and it doesn’t need regular maintenance.

So, in this case, let us not focus on the price but look at the value and assess the solar panel system based on its long-term worth. When you switch to solar that could provide power to most if not all of your household appliances, then it means you don’t have to pay monthly electric bills. Simply put, a solar panel system’s life expectancy is approximately 25 years so let’s do the Math.


24 kWh per day

x 30 days

720 kWh per month


720 kWh per month

x $0.12/kWh (average cost for conventional energy)

$86.4 electric bill per month

Solar Panel System:

$15,000 / 25 years (life expectancy) = $ 600 annually or $50 per month

As you can see, based on our computations, solar panel system is cheaper than electricity. And even if you include a maintenance budget of $1,500 to replace the inverter needed in the system, because inverters only have a life expectancy of 12 – 15 years, making the monthly cost of about $55, still solar panel system would be less expensive than electricity.

Additionally, in most countries, going solar is beneficial because of the federal tax incentive (in the US usually 30% of total cost) plus if you are in countries with a tropical climate and where rotational brownout is imposed, then switching to solar panel system is the best choice.