About me

AnastasiaKolbakovaHello there ladies and gentlemen. Or shall I say …ladies? Cause my readership is mostly women. Oh anyways. I remember myself being fourteen telling everyone, that I’m not only pretty, I’m smart too. And everyone used to cringe. And I used to hate that.

Fast forward fourteen years, – I have a PhD in both economics, and social & cultural studies. I have three successful business of my own. And I can say without no second thoughts, – I’m completely self made. There’s no one behind me, – no rich dad, no successful banker husband, no super mommy. Just hard work, dedication and sheer talent.

I want to be an icon (again, with no guilt, shame etc.) – I want to inspire young women. You can be successful. You can earn your own money. You don’t need to listen anyone. Just trust yourself, listen you’re your heart, read books, and don’t wait for someone to give you props just for being a pretty thing to look at.

I remember listening to Lana del Rey’s “I fucked my way up to the top”, and I was thinking, – I do realize it’s a irony, it’s a joke etc. but still, – it’s a bad example.

I write this blog as frequent as I can, because time is one of the assets I lack the most these days. I will write about everything that matters to me. I game a bit, so do not freak out if you will see anything related to Covet Fashion so I am planning to write a post about Covet Fashion game and my ladder 🙂 Thank you for reading once again, – I hope you’ll find it interesting and informative at the same time.